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Cool Ice on the Mississippi River

I was a little surprised to see ice on the river today, with all the warm weather we have had. The open spot keeps getting bigger all the time.

I started today’s walk a little bit downstream, there was nothing that caught my eye to take a photo of till where a tiny stream flows into the river. It was cold enough to freeze last night and the ice on the stream had formed some nice interesting shapes.

Ice over a Stream photo

Ice over a Stream

I took quite a bunch of pics of the different shaped ice all the while looking for an angle that would really stand out. Never did get anything outstanding. Some pics were interesting, but if you didn’t know what you were looking at… It was kinda… Huh!

A little further upstream there’s a place where you can get down to the water and step out on a rock. (When the water is low enough.) Stepped out on the rock… Water was open downstream for a little way and partly frozen over upstream. The light looked good with the thin sheet of Ice coming close to the rock.

How to catch the beauty and wonder of Nature in a photo? Well… I snapped a couple of pics standing on the rock. It wasn’t really the best composition, but worth a try. Then I crouched down and snapped some more pics. Better, but still nothing too great.

In the end I got down on my knees, with the toes of my boots in the water, leaned forward with my hands and camera slightly above the water and took a bunch of pics. Tried different angles and heights above the water for the pics. Anyway… Here’s my pick for the best of the bunch:

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What do you think, did I get a good photo that captures a tiny bit of Nature’s beauty? I tried my best to do so.

Canada Geese and Animal Tracks

There were a pair of Canada Geese in the Mississippi river this morning. The first hint of them was their honking and splashing. I caught sight of them as they were flying upstream, pointed the camera and snapped a pic. Didn’t have time to zoom in or frame a shot. In order for them to show up in the pic it had to be cropped and zoomed in.

Canada Geese Flying photo

Canada Geese Flying

Not the best photo with one goose behind some brush a pretty blah background. Wish there had been time to zoom in and frame the shot… Wildlife just doesn’t seem to cooperate all that well most of the time.

Here’s another pic taken after they landed in the water and climbed onto the ice.

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Not the greatest pic of geese, tho I do like the glare from the Sun and reflections in the water.

And… Here is my favorite pic from this morning, a set of animal tracks in the snow heading across the river into the Sunrise. There was just something about the angle going across the river and the lighting that looked like a good photo.

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I took quite a few pics with different perspectives, with this one being my pic for the best of the bunch and of the morning’s photos. Didn’t I have a Great morning for taking some pics?