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The Dog a Goldenrod Gall and Sunrise

This morning was another great day with a clear sky and decent light for taking photos. It’s much more fun to go out taking pics when it’s a nice day. There is always something to catch a photo of, even if there is nothing extra special.

Of course the dog was along and enjoying herself, checking out smells and exploring. While trying to get a few pics of the Sun reflecting off flowing water, I glanced over and saw the dog laying down, turned around and snapped several pics. She usually isn’t a good subject because she moves too much.

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I also noticed most of the Goldenrod Galls had holes in them where a bird went after the Goldenrod Gall Fly larvae. Honestly… I had one heck of a time getting a decent close up pic of one. The light and exposure were tricky while getting a nice focus with a good background. I don’t know how long I crouched down getting this pic.

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This last pic is one of the first ones I took of the Sunrise and became a black and white. The tracks in the snow looked like they would make a decent photo, so I snapped quite a few from different angles and positions with different exposures. It’s interesting how a little different position can make a big difference in how a photo looks.

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I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of the Mississippi river and walking along the bank in the morning with a camera, hoping to catch a picture of the Sunrise?