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Dog Greeting Sunrise

Mornings are such a great time of day, often with a beautiful Sunrise. The dog and I often enjoy taking a walk as the day dawns. There is always something that catches the eye and interesting to look at. One August morning the Dog jumped onto a hay bale in the field and looked out at the dawning day… I was lucky enough to be where I could get a nice photo of the dog sitting on the hay bale with the Sunrise in the background. This has to be one of my favorite photos.

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The Dog Following a Trail

Came home with a photo of the dog smelling a trail she was following. Only took a few photos this morning on a walk along the edge of the Mississippi river. Saw some interesting tracks, but nothing that looked like a good photo.

It looked like the cat had been out hunting and made the tracks the dog was following, she poked her nose down in every footprint as she followed the trail.

I was lucky enough to get ahead with the camera and take a few photos. It’s always a guess how they will turn out when taking pics of a moving critter.

Photography Prints

I was happy to see that this turned out okay. The lighting and background were decent with some nice contrast in the scene.

Walking on the ice got me to thinking about when it would go out and the river open up all the way… It usually happens sometime in March. When, just depends on the weather. Could be almost any day if it really warmed up or rained, or might wait a few weeks yet.

The Dog a Goldenrod Gall and Sunrise

This morning was another great day with a clear sky and decent light for taking photos. It’s much more fun to go out taking pics when it’s a nice day. There is always something to catch a photo of, even if there is nothing extra special.

Of course the dog was along and enjoying herself, checking out smells and exploring. While trying to get a few pics of the Sun reflecting off flowing water, I glanced over and saw the dog laying down, turned around and snapped several pics. She usually isn’t a good subject because she moves too much.

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I also noticed most of the Goldenrod Galls had holes in them where a bird went after the Goldenrod Gall Fly larvae. Honestly… I had one heck of a time getting a decent close up pic of one. The light and exposure were tricky while getting a nice focus with a good background. I don’t know how long I crouched down getting this pic.

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This last pic is one of the first ones I took of the Sunrise and became a black and white. The tracks in the snow looked like they would make a decent photo, so I snapped quite a few from different angles and positions with different exposures. It’s interesting how a little different position can make a big difference in how a photo looks.

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I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of the Mississippi river and walking along the bank in the morning with a camera, hoping to catch a picture of the Sunrise?