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Dog Greeting Sunrise

Mornings are such a great time of day, often with a beautiful Sunrise. The dog and I often enjoy taking a walk as the day dawns. There is always something that catches the eye and interesting to look at. One August morning the Dog jumped onto a hay bale in the field and looked out at the dawning day… I was lucky enough to be where I could get a nice photo of the dog sitting on the hay bale with the Sunrise in the background. This has to be one of my favorite photos.

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Pretty Pink Fairy Shelters Photo

Mushrooms were plentiful in 2010 and a pleasure to check out on photo walks. There was something new and different to see every day. And… There was always the hope that I’d get to see a Fairy hiding under one of the mushrooms.

Pretty Pink Fairy Shelters are shown in this close up photo of pink mushrooms taken in Northern Minnesota, as the day dawned on 24 June 2010. Despite careful observation no fairies were spotted, they must have all been hiding.

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Ummm… After enlarging the photo and examining it carefully, the wing of a Fairy might just be poking out from behind a blade of grass, and showing up in the photo. Yep, It just has to be a Fairy hiding out there. 🙂

The photo is also available on Greeting Cards.

Tiger Lily Heart Photo Wall Decal

Spring and Summer are a great time to be taking photos of Nature and Wildflowers. I’m lucky to have quite a few wildflowers growing nearby.

The Tiger lily flowers were blooming and covered with dew during a morning walk in 2010. What a great time to take a bunch of close up photos.

This Lovely Orange spotted Tiger Lily close up photo with a Heart shaped Stigma is beautiful. This wildflower’s name is Lilium michiganense, sometimes called Turks cap lily, or Turks turban.

Tiger Lily Heart Wall Art Wall Decal

A new, inexpensive way to spruce up a wall with this photo is with a Wall Decal. It’s available in several sizes. The photo is also available as Posters, Mounted Prints, Canvas, and Framed Prints.

Finding this unique and beautiful flower with a natural heart was a wonderful bit of luck and brightened my day. Hope it brightens your day too. What do you think the chances are of ever getting another photo like this are?