Favorite Sunrise Photo from 2011

When you go for a walk in the morning with a camera you never really know just what kind of pictures you’ll get. One of the fun things is seeing what the photos look like full size.

The morning of this photo I took a number of pics. Several were from almost exactly the same spot, a place where a couple of decent pics were taken the week before.

Here it is… My Favorite Sunrise Photo from 2011:

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And… Here are two photos taken the week before in almost the same spot:

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What is amazing to me is how different these last two photos are from each other when they were taken only a few minutes apart from almost the same spot.

Even tho I like all three photos, the top one with the Sun shining thru the tops of the Timothy Hay is my favorite. Aren’t I lucky to live on a farm in Northern Minnesota where there are so many great chances to take pictures?

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Looking Up at a UFO photo

Wow! I took an interesting photo yesterday…

Looking Up at a UFO photo

Looking Up at a UFO photo

A ray of light is just about ready to shoot out and beam me up. Oh, I can hear the spooky music in my head. Where is my tinfoil hat? Click the image to see it larger.

Well… Actually it is not a UFO. It’s a pic taken looking thru a 3 foot diameter Concrete pipe that was put under a road in Northern Minnesota last Summer. I didn’t think about taking a photo of it till yesterday, 23 February 2012.

What do you think, is it really a UFO, or am I just using a cover story that it’s a pipe under the road so folks won’t think I’m a crazy nut?

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Pretty Pink Fairy Shelters Photo

Mushrooms were plentiful in 2010 and a pleasure to check out on photo walks. There was something new and different to see every day. And… There was always the hope that I’d get to see a Fairy hiding under one of the mushrooms.

Pretty Pink Fairy Shelters are shown in this close up photo of pink mushrooms taken in Northern Minnesota, as the day dawned on 24 June 2010. Despite careful observation no fairies were spotted, they must have all been hiding.

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Ummm… After enlarging the photo and examining it carefully, the wing of a Fairy might just be poking out from behind a blade of grass, and showing up in the photo. Yep, It just has to be a Fairy hiding out there. 🙂

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Tiger Lily Heart Photo Wall Decal

Spring and Summer are a great time to be taking photos of Nature and Wildflowers. I’m lucky to have quite a few wildflowers growing nearby.

The Tiger lily flowers were blooming and covered with dew during a morning walk in 2010. What a great time to take a bunch of close up photos.

This Lovely Orange spotted Tiger Lily close up photo with a Heart shaped Stigma is beautiful. This wildflower’s name is Lilium michiganense, sometimes called Turks cap lily, or Turks turban.

Tiger Lily Heart Wall Art Wall Decal

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Finding this unique and beautiful flower with a natural heart was a wonderful bit of luck and brightened my day. Hope it brightens your day too. What do you think the chances are of ever getting another photo like this are?

Sun on Rock in Ice

Isn’t it great to start the day with a beautiful Sunrise? Everything seems to go so much better when Nature provides  a great day with a bright Sun coming up.

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It’s a lot of fun to go for a walk and try getting a decent photo on a lovely morning like this. Finding just the right spot where the scene looks good often put me into interesting positions. For this photo… I was laying down on the ice along the edge of the Mississippi river bank. I came home with quite a few pics taken from different perspectives. This one seemed to stand out.

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Beautiful Morning Frost

There was lots of frost along the Mississippi river as I went for a walk this morning shortly after Sunrise. I started snapping photos of the Sun shining thru frost covered branches before even leaving the yard.

At the edge of the river bank beautiful fractal shaped frost crystals were coating the brush, branches, and grass. Oh! What fun it was trying to get some good photos. Here are a couple that turned out fairly decent.

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Finding a spot where the light was good and getting a decent focus for the close up photo was challenging, but fun.

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Favorite Photos from 2011

Every year brings many beautiful sights to see. I feel fortunate when a photo captures some of Nature’s wonder.

Last year (2011) gave many lovely and interesting photos. Here is a slideshow of my Favorites.

The Sunrises are a joy to see coming up over the Mississippi river. Often the morning mist and reflections off the water make a stunning sight.

Going for a walk with the camera and dog is something I really enjoy. Occasionally the dog even manages to pose for the camera. How lucky was it to capture both the cat and dog sitting on a hay bale?

I hope you enjoy the slideshow.

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My New Homemade Wooden Trucks

I decided to try my hand at Handcrafting some Wood Toy Trucks. They turned out fairly well so I took some pics of them loaded with mini straw bales.

I thought this photo might look nice as a print or on greeting cards so have it available as canvas, paper, or acrylic prints, and on 5 x7 greeting cards.
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You might be wondering about the trucks… Well, a couple of them are for sale on Etsy.com.  I’m also planning on having some for sale at the Grand Rapids Farmers Market, when the Season opens.

All in all… Making the primitive style wooden toy trucks was a great experience and fun project along with a chance to pretend I’m a kid again. Having fun taking photos was an added bonus.