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Black and White Photo morning

My picks for best photos from this morning’s photo walk all ended up being black and white. How likely is that to happen? It might have been the slightly overcast sky that made for good black and white photography. I really don’t know.

Anyway, here are ones that I thought were decent:

Frost on a Branch black and white photo

Frost on a Branch

Tracks on the River black and white photo

Tracks on the River

Sun in Partly Cloudy Sky black and white photo

Sun in Partly Cloudy Sky

And… Finally, My pick for the best one of the Bunch:

Art Prints

What do you think? Did I pick the best one, or is one of the others better?

There was quite a bit of frost on branches and grass along the Mississippi river bank, especially near the spots of open water. The light and conditions were not real good for getting a good photo, even so, I tried. One of the hardest things for something so wispy as frost is getting the focus and exposure right in a close up. It’s also a challenge to find a background where the frost will show up.

I still appreciate the beauty of Frost, even when it doesn’t make a good photo. It’s one of those things in Nature that is so beautiful while it lasts, so you have to enjoy it while you can.