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Dog Greeting Sunrise

Mornings are such a great time of day, often with a beautiful Sunrise. The dog and I often enjoy taking a walk as the day dawns. There is always something that catches the eye and interesting to look at. One August morning the Dog jumped onto a hay bale in the field and looked out at the dawning day… I was lucky enough to be where I could get a nice photo of the dog sitting on the hay bale with the Sunrise in the background. This has to be one of my favorite photos.

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Canada Geese and Animal Tracks

There were a pair of Canada Geese in the Mississippi river this morning. The first hint of them was their honking and splashing. I caught sight of them as they were flying upstream, pointed the camera and snapped a pic. Didn’t have time to zoom in or frame a shot. In order for them to show up in the pic it had to be cropped and zoomed in.

Canada Geese Flying photo

Canada Geese Flying

Not the best photo with one goose behind some brush a pretty blah background. Wish there had been time to zoom in and frame the shot… Wildlife just doesn’t seem to cooperate all that well most of the time.

Here’s another pic taken after they landed in the water and climbed onto the ice.

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Not the greatest pic of geese, tho I do like the glare from the Sun and reflections in the water.

And… Here is my favorite pic from this morning, a set of animal tracks in the snow heading across the river into the Sunrise. There was just something about the angle going across the river and the lighting that looked like a good photo.

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I took quite a few pics with different perspectives, with this one being my pic for the best of the bunch and of the morning’s photos. Didn’t I have a Great morning for taking some pics?

Black and White Photo morning

My picks for best photos from this morning’s photo walk all ended up being black and white. How likely is that to happen? It might have been the slightly overcast sky that made for good black and white photography. I really don’t know.

Anyway, here are ones that I thought were decent:

Frost on a Branch black and white photo

Frost on a Branch

Tracks on the River black and white photo

Tracks on the River

Sun in Partly Cloudy Sky black and white photo

Sun in Partly Cloudy Sky

And… Finally, My pick for the best one of the Bunch:

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What do you think? Did I pick the best one, or is one of the others better?

There was quite a bit of frost on branches and grass along the Mississippi river bank, especially near the spots of open water. The light and conditions were not real good for getting a good photo, even so, I tried. One of the hardest things for something so wispy as frost is getting the focus and exposure right in a close up. It’s also a challenge to find a background where the frost will show up.

I still appreciate the beauty of Frost, even when it doesn’t make a good photo. It’s one of those things in Nature that is so beautiful while it lasts, so you have to enjoy it while you can.

Sunrise Photos after a Cloudy week

This past week has been cloudy and snowy, not real good weather for taking pics. I was so glad to see a clear sky this morning! Went out with the camera and got some Sunrise photos. It was a tad brisk with a temp. of -9F/-23C. Not bad at all with no wind, when you dress for it.

Here are three photos from this morning:

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Catching the Sunrise thru the trees, lighting up the frost and snow on branches, was taken near the start of the walk. Finding a spot where the Sun and light bring out the best in a scene is a fun challenge.

Catching the Dog at the river bank involved quite a bit of luck. I was snapping pics of the Sunrise shining on the river water and ice, the dog came over to see what I was doing. Luckily I was able to move back and crouch down getting the dog in a few pics. Of course she didn’t pose nicely in the other pics.

Last nights light fluffy snow was pretty sitting on all the dry grass and branches along the river bank. It was worth a try to get a few close-ups of the snowflakes on the grass. Getting the focus right and having the detail show up is always a fun challenge.

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Favorite Sunrise Photo from 2011

When you go for a walk in the morning with a camera you never really know just what kind of pictures you’ll get. One of the fun things is seeing what the photos look like full size.

The morning of this photo I took a number of pics. Several were from almost exactly the same spot, a place where a couple of decent pics were taken the week before.

Here it is… My Favorite Sunrise Photo from 2011:

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And… Here are two photos taken the week before in almost the same spot:

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What is amazing to me is how different these last two photos are from each other when they were taken only a few minutes apart from almost the same spot.

Even tho I like all three photos, the top one with the Sun shining thru the tops of the Timothy Hay is my favorite. Aren’t I lucky to live on a farm in Northern Minnesota where there are so many great chances to take pictures?

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