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Dog Greeting Sunrise

Mornings are such a great time of day, often with a beautiful Sunrise. The dog and I often enjoy taking a walk as the day dawns. There is always something that catches the eye and interesting to look at. One August morning the Dog jumped onto a hay bale in the field and looked out at the dawning day… I was lucky enough to be where I could get a nice photo of the dog sitting on the hay bale with the Sunrise in the background. This has to be one of my favorite photos.

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Having Sex in the Morning

I was looking at some photos I’d taken a while back and came across one that was different from what I normally do.

It’s a Nude couple having Sex in the morning. It might be a bit racy but I don’t think it’s too explicit since all the private parts are tastefully out of sight.

Reading this so far… You might be wondering how the photo came about. Well, it started like many other days by taking the camera with me on a morning walk and looking around at what there was to see. What did I spy, right there out in the open, where anyone that looked could see?

Yes, it was this cute couple going at it and not caring what anyone thought. I don’t think they even noticed me taking pictures. I was a real Voyeur standing there taking picture after picture. How bad was that?

So… Now you are probably curious to see the photo of the couple having sex. Well, here it is:

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Bugs Do It Square Cocktail Plate

Bugs Do It Square Cocktail Plate

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Cool Ice on the Mississippi River

I was a little surprised to see ice on the river today, with all the warm weather we have had. The open spot keeps getting bigger all the time.

I started today’s walk a little bit downstream, there was nothing that caught my eye to take a photo of till where a tiny stream flows into the river. It was cold enough to freeze last night and the ice on the stream had formed some nice interesting shapes.

Ice over a Stream photo

Ice over a Stream

I took quite a bunch of pics of the different shaped ice all the while looking for an angle that would really stand out. Never did get anything outstanding. Some pics were interesting, but if you didn’t know what you were looking at… It was kinda… Huh!

A little further upstream there’s a place where you can get down to the water and step out on a rock. (When the water is low enough.) Stepped out on the rock… Water was open downstream for a little way and partly frozen over upstream. The light looked good with the thin sheet of Ice coming close to the rock.

How to catch the beauty and wonder of Nature in a photo? Well… I snapped a couple of pics standing on the rock. It wasn’t really the best composition, but worth a try. Then I crouched down and snapped some more pics. Better, but still nothing too great.

In the end I got down on my knees, with the toes of my boots in the water, leaned forward with my hands and camera slightly above the water and took a bunch of pics. Tried different angles and heights above the water for the pics. Anyway… Here’s my pick for the best of the bunch:

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What do you think, did I get a good photo that captures a tiny bit of Nature’s beauty? I tried my best to do so.

The Dog Following a Trail

Came home with a photo of the dog smelling a trail she was following. Only took a few photos this morning on a walk along the edge of the Mississippi river. Saw some interesting tracks, but nothing that looked like a good photo.

It looked like the cat had been out hunting and made the tracks the dog was following, she poked her nose down in every footprint as she followed the trail.

I was lucky enough to get ahead with the camera and take a few photos. It’s always a guess how they will turn out when taking pics of a moving critter.

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I was happy to see that this turned out okay. The lighting and background were decent with some nice contrast in the scene.

Walking on the ice got me to thinking about when it would go out and the river open up all the way… It usually happens sometime in March. When, just depends on the weather. Could be almost any day if it really warmed up or rained, or might wait a few weeks yet.

The Dog a Goldenrod Gall and Sunrise

This morning was another great day with a clear sky and decent light for taking photos. It’s much more fun to go out taking pics when it’s a nice day. There is always something to catch a photo of, even if there is nothing extra special.

Of course the dog was along and enjoying herself, checking out smells and exploring. While trying to get a few pics of the Sun reflecting off flowing water, I glanced over and saw the dog laying down, turned around and snapped several pics. She usually isn’t a good subject because she moves too much.

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I also noticed most of the Goldenrod Galls had holes in them where a bird went after the Goldenrod Gall Fly larvae. Honestly… I had one heck of a time getting a decent close up pic of one. The light and exposure were tricky while getting a nice focus with a good background. I don’t know how long I crouched down getting this pic.

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This last pic is one of the first ones I took of the Sunrise and became a black and white. The tracks in the snow looked like they would make a decent photo, so I snapped quite a few from different angles and positions with different exposures. It’s interesting how a little different position can make a big difference in how a photo looks.

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I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of the Mississippi river and walking along the bank in the morning with a camera, hoping to catch a picture of the Sunrise?

Sunrise Photos after a Cloudy week

This past week has been cloudy and snowy, not real good weather for taking pics. I was so glad to see a clear sky this morning! Went out with the camera and got some Sunrise photos. It was a tad brisk with a temp. of -9F/-23C. Not bad at all with no wind, when you dress for it.

Here are three photos from this morning:

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Catching the Sunrise thru the trees, lighting up the frost and snow on branches, was taken near the start of the walk. Finding a spot where the Sun and light bring out the best in a scene is a fun challenge.

Catching the Dog at the river bank involved quite a bit of luck. I was snapping pics of the Sunrise shining on the river water and ice, the dog came over to see what I was doing. Luckily I was able to move back and crouch down getting the dog in a few pics. Of course she didn’t pose nicely in the other pics.

Last nights light fluffy snow was pretty sitting on all the dry grass and branches along the river bank. It was worth a try to get a few close-ups of the snowflakes on the grass. Getting the focus right and having the detail show up is always a fun challenge.

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Favorite Sunrise Photo from 2011

When you go for a walk in the morning with a camera you never really know just what kind of pictures you’ll get. One of the fun things is seeing what the photos look like full size.

The morning of this photo I took a number of pics. Several were from almost exactly the same spot, a place where a couple of decent pics were taken the week before.

Here it is… My Favorite Sunrise Photo from 2011:

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And… Here are two photos taken the week before in almost the same spot:

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What is amazing to me is how different these last two photos are from each other when they were taken only a few minutes apart from almost the same spot.

Even tho I like all three photos, the top one with the Sun shining thru the tops of the Timothy Hay is my favorite. Aren’t I lucky to live on a farm in Northern Minnesota where there are so many great chances to take pictures?

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Looking Up at a UFO photo

Wow! I took an interesting photo yesterday…

Looking Up at a UFO photo

Looking Up at a UFO photo

A ray of light is just about ready to shoot out and beam me up. Oh, I can hear the spooky music in my head. Where is my tinfoil hat? Click the image to see it larger.

Well… Actually it is not a UFO. It’s a pic taken looking thru a 3 foot diameter Concrete pipe that was put under a road in Northern Minnesota last Summer. I didn’t think about taking a photo of it till yesterday, 23 February 2012.

What do you think, is it really a UFO, or am I just using a cover story that it’s a pipe under the road so folks won’t think I’m a crazy nut?

Anyway… If you’d like an interesting conversation piece, you can Buy a copy of the photo on a Greeting Card or Print.

Pretty Pink Fairy Shelters Photo

Mushrooms were plentiful in 2010 and a pleasure to check out on photo walks. There was something new and different to see every day. And… There was always the hope that I’d get to see a Fairy hiding under one of the mushrooms.

Pretty Pink Fairy Shelters are shown in this close up photo of pink mushrooms taken in Northern Minnesota, as the day dawned on 24 June 2010. Despite careful observation no fairies were spotted, they must have all been hiding.

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Ummm… After enlarging the photo and examining it carefully, the wing of a Fairy might just be poking out from behind a blade of grass, and showing up in the photo. Yep, It just has to be a Fairy hiding out there. 🙂

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