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Tiger Lily Heart Photo Wall Decal

Spring and Summer are a great time to be taking photos of Nature and Wildflowers. I’m lucky to have quite a few wildflowers growing nearby.

The Tiger lily flowers were blooming and covered with dew during a morning walk in 2010. What a great time to take a bunch of close up photos.

This Lovely Orange spotted Tiger Lily close up photo with a Heart shaped Stigma is beautiful. This wildflower’s name is Lilium michiganense, sometimes called Turks cap lily, or Turks turban.

Tiger Lily Heart Wall Art Wall Decal

A new, inexpensive way to spruce up a wall with this photo is with a Wall Decal. It’s available in several sizes. The photo is also available as Posters, Mounted Prints, Canvas, and Framed Prints.

Finding this unique and beautiful flower with a natural heart was a wonderful bit of luck and brightened my day. Hope it brightens your day too. What do you think the chances are of ever getting another photo like this are?